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What Are Flower Essences?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

If you know me, well, you have heard my spiel about flower essences. They are my heart's work. The most important tool in my healing toolkit. The relationships I've cultivated through working with these plants is the most beautiful and important relationship I'll ever know: the one I have with myself. Flower essences have helped me to show up for myself in a space of love and compassion. They have taught me immeasurable lessons, and just how alive this world really is, and the part we all play in it.

Flower essences are vibrational remedies that support the healing of your shadow self. They flood your emotional body with light, so you can let go of what isn't serving you with love & grace, rather then resistance.

Flower essences are subtle. They work in "AHA!" moments, resonance. The moment something just makes sense, by bringing enough awareness to it.

By now, you all know shadow work is my jam. I don't believe we can reach our highest highs without knowing our darkness, healing, and integrating it into our being. I don't believe in killing the ego, I believe in giving it space to voice its concerns, giving it love and space, like a child, so it can learn to self soothe and have less tantrums. I believe in breathing through the discomfort of the unknown, and lifting our vibration so we can show up as our highest selves.

For every personality, there is a flower.

My favorite example is the sunflower and the violet.

Sunflower stands tall & confident, soaking in the rays of the sun, it is impossible to look away from this flower, it commands the energy in a room. This is a divine masculine flower, Yang energy, connected to the ego.

Violet is more of a wallflower. So sweet and beautiful, but often overlooked & easily stepped on. This is a divine feminine flower, Yin energy, connected to sweetness.

Sunflower flower essence gifts us that bright shining confidence. It helps to heal father wounds, and imbalances of ego forces so we can harmonize our solar plexus chakra, and do what we were put here to do.

Violet flower essence helps to combat shyness & smallness, gifting us strength to go out into the world and spread our kindness like a bee spreads pollen. Gentleness and empathy are superpowers, but they require boundaries so they don't get walked all over and their sweetness gets lost in insecurity. Violet is beautiful heart medicine.

Flower essences are made by placing flowers in a bowl of spring water, using the sun to make a vibrational imprint of the flower onto the water, sort of like scanning a photo to your computer. This is very different then an infusion or tea. None of the plants medicinal qualities transfer into the water, which is why toxic flowers can be used to make essences, it is only their energy that is transferred into the water.

Flower essences are safe for children, pets, the elderly, and for those who take pharmaceuticals, because they are just water, and a preservative (I use brandy & vegetable glycerin)

As a practitioner, it is my job to connect you with the flowers that will be the most beneficial to your healing. I become a channel for wisdom to flow through me. The flowers speak, and I listen. Making custom blends for clients is truly a joy.

Most of the essences I use I have made myself, connected with the energy of each flower, allowing it to tell me its story, and how it can be of service.

For every ailment, Mother Nature has a cure. I believe this deep in my bones. And I am the voice for her flowers.

I have seen such profound results from working with flower essences, helping to heal long buried traumas, supporting the grieving process, building confidence, and healing the root cause of anxiety.

My own journey has been accelerated because of this medicine, I wouldn't be where I am today mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, without it.

I feel so supported knowing no matter what I am going through, there is a flower that will jump out at me when I least expect it, ready to help!

In the shop, I have a few blends I have made up to support your healing journey. They are beautifully powerful blends I have used myself in times I've felt great resistance. They are a fantastic starting point to working with flower essences, but do not replace working one on one with a practitioner.

To set up a virtual appointment with me, click here.

I'd love to work with you, and get you past your biggest blocks so you can return to the truth of who you came here to be.

I use multiple tools to set you on the right path for your healing, and it is my honor to guide you through it.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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