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We Are All Mirrors.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The qualities you idolize in others are a reflection of what trying to awaken within you.

When you were a little kid, who did you idolize? Was it a superhero? A celebrity? An animal?

A few weeks ago, I asked my dear friend's 5 year old what his favorite animal was. He replied, "Shark." When I asked why, he said because you can't mess with a shark.

Now, this sweet boy is incredibly sensitive, he's a Cancer, and my friend has shared with me that he often gets picked on. Yet, his idol is an animal that "Can't be messed with." You see where I'm going with this, he sees in the shark that which he has yet to see within himself. But the shark would not show up for him, if those qualities did not already live within him, they just need to be let out.

The other side of this, is how oftentimes, we are repulsed by those who have qualities we think we do not. You know, the confident girl who wears that beautiful top with the plunging neckline, from the store you wouldn't dare to step in; the annoyingly woke podcast host that talks about all the "woo woo" stuff you don't yet understand, the insanely intelligent seemingly know it all woman who gives Ted Talks on nuclear physics. These feelings stem from fear, fear that if we were to open up like that, show ourselves like that, step into our power fully, whatever it is, that we would be seen for who we really are. And if we don't know the truth of who we are, that can be both unnerving and ungrounding, as well as downright terrifying. So we project our insecurities onto these people, because better be annoyed at them then annoyed at ourselves, right?

As a child, I idolized strong women, as strong as they came. The women who ran with wolves, the women who spoke up regardless of the consequences, the women who made a true difference in the world. (Some of my idols were Jane Goodall, Frida Kahlo, Marie Curie, Harriet Tubman and Disney's Mulan). I looked up to these women because they were warriors, they shook up the status quo of what a woman should be, and they were relentless in their fight for their truth. I told myself I was like these women, I called upon them when I was feeling low, but if I ever truly believed that I was like them, honestly, no, I didn't.

I felt as though I had to make a difference as large as they did to be seen as their level of strong.

But now I realize, that strong is strong. The strength I saw in these women, was being mirrored back to me. As a young girl, I wasn't ready to step into my power, I wasn't ready to let my dreams become reality. I saw glimpses of it, yes, and had I known how to use my emotional guidance system, things would have been a lot easier. But this is Earth School and it does not come with a manual, my friend. As a young woman, stepping into her power more and more every day, I finally see in myself what I saw in those women. That unrelenting strength, courage, and light warrior spirit. And I'll be damned if I don't make waves on this earth, not in the ways they did, but in my own way, so one day, I can ignite another little girl coming into her own power. And so it goes.

Every person we idolize, encounter, or share space with, is a mirror. Every moment, pieces of ourselves are being reflected back to us, whether that is a trauma, a dream, or where we are currently at. If we pay attention to the signs, we can see so many opportunities to heal, to step into a higher vibration.

And that is what all of this is about, raising our vibration. So we can be who we came to this planet to be, who we truly ARE at soul level.


Everything and nothing, all at the same time.

For that is how we heal the world, by first healing ourselves.

Light, Love, & Faerie Wishes,


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