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Without even realizing it sometimes, we put people into cages.

We fill the inside with their mistakes, their lessons, their past, their personality. And we keep them in these confined spaces, without space to move, without space to grow.

But we are not birds, we are not meant to be caged.

When we love someone we want to hold on to what we know of them, and we don’t even realize the cage exists.

But when we take a step back, and look at the time we’ve known someone, it’s important to take a look at that box, and break it apart, setting this person free, allowing them to grow as big as they can, allowing them to shed layers of who they once were that don’t resonate with who they have become.

We need to let them burn their cages.

Melt the metal into something new, something beautiful.

This is the truest way to love someone-to set them free.

Because we are just a part of their journey, we are not their journey.

The ego forces it’s way into their journey out of insecurity.

The truest form of love is freedom.

Who can you set free?

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