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Time, Compassion & Surrender: The Keys to a Successful Journey

Us humans have such an unhealthy relationship with time. We either have too much, not enough, we’re running out of time, never on time, it seems like an endless struggle. We want everything now, 5 minutes ago.

When we lose something or someone, we can’t fathom how we will go on, because we have no more time with them.

But, here’s the thing.

Time isn’t real.

Time is only a construct.

Life is a never-ending flow.

Like a river, it goes on and on until it reaches the ocean, flowing out into the great expanse, where there are even more possibilities.

When we set out to make a change, we are in transition.

It is so easy to pressure ourselves into perfection.

Compassion is not something we are taught, though it is something we are innately born with, in our hearts. It’s stomped out through conditioned beliefs that everything needs to be a certain way, people pleasing and perfectionism.

How hard we are on others, is a reflection of how hard we are on ourselves.

Ask yourself, how do you react to unmet expectations?

How do you respond?

There is a difference, you see, between reaction and response.

Reaction carries with it disappointment, and anger,

whereas response brings compassion, and openness.

When setting out on this journey of personal transformation, compassion and openness are needed. Response over reaction, with gained self awareness. It takes time.

The only way you will be patient enough to give yourself that time is through compassion.

Through compassion, you are able to forgive yourself when you inevitably mess up. The mistakes are just as important as the successes, however, because it is from those that you truly learn.

Every success is built from a mountain of failed attempts.

It is rare to succeed on the first try.

And that is okay, because there is no destination on this journey other then vibrance, and you get to choose how and when you feel that vibrance.

Feeling good is a practice and a choice, one you get to make each moment.

Sometimes the bagel is a better choice then the salad. the ice cream isn’t going to set you back 3 weeks. And if it does, it only solidified your correct instinct to cut it out in the first place. If you choose a nap over a run, that may be the best choice for you too.

This is not about perfection.

This is about transformation, and learning to listen to your body.

Learning to be patient, and slow down, giving yourself grace each step of the way.

Resisting the flow, no matter what it brings with it is what keeps us stuck in the same cycles.

Compassion and time lead to surrender, which allows us to float through life with faith.

At the end of the day, this is a journey of self love.

It's not about how well you followed the curriculum, its about how well you observed your needs and were able to meet them beneath and despite your suffering.

Here is your reminder to give yourself time, be patient with yourself, and take a breath every now and then. You're exactly where you need to be, and you're doing a great job.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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