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The Book of Life & Death.

When we come to this earth, souls incarnating into bodies, we forget all of what came before. All the people we've been and places we've lived, friends we've made. We come in as a blank slate, one that is surrounded by mystery, the biggest being the mystery of the self.

Our formative years are spent learning, navigating, and gaining insight, if we allow it. These formative years are incredibly difficult for most of us. We have no idea who we are or why we came here. So much of our time during these years is spent in suffering, discomfort, and resistance. This is due to the unhealed trauma that we have gathered from every life before, and this life as well.

How long this suffering goes on is solely up to the individual. Everyone is different. Older souls tend to wake up sooner then younger souls, because they have done this so many times that the soul recognizes the journey quicker. Once the first spiritual awakening happens, Pandora's Box has been opened and there is no closing it.

You can't unsee and unlearn because what is inside is pure truth.

You have no choice but to begin healing.

And so begins your rebirth.

These formative years are spent writing many chapters of your own Book of Death. Once you awaken, you begin writing your Book of Life.

Life is not a healing journey.

Healing is part of the journey.

Life is a spiritual journey.

Once we heal our traumas and learn to love and accept ourselves whole-heartedly, is when we truly begin living.

Trauma holds us back from experiencing pleasure and ecstasy, which are the highest vibrational emotions we can experience.

While all of the chakras house our shadows, I believe the home of our shadow is in the Sacral Chakra: the space of pleasure & pain, shame & ecstasy.

Once we connect to divine pleasure, colors are brighter, food tastes better, and our hearts are able to overflow with emotion, emotion that we are able to fully experience without judgment.

That is the secret to enlightenment the yogis spoke of since the dawn of time: acceptance: non-judgment, non-attachment, no expectation.

Just pure presence.

For when we live in pure presence, we can experience every single aspect of life from a place of acceptance.

And this is rooted in first, accepting the self, for what it truly is: loving awareness.

What is holding you back from experiencing your highest levels of joy?

What parts of you are you hesitant to accept?

What does pleasure feel like to you?

Where does your shame live, and what masks does it wear?

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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