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Taurus Full Moon Eclipse: Creating New Worlds.

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As Scorpio Season comes to an end, the energy shifts from deeply destructive, transforming to deeply creative. Both of these energies are equally a part of Scorpio: creation and destruction. As the boiling fire-water energy of Scorpio mingles with its polar opposite, earthy comfy Taurus, the universe thrums with power. While Scorpio rules the Underworld, Taurus rules the Overworld, the material. This full moon is an eclipse, which means the energy is heightened and potent.

This is where the myth of Persephone comes deeply into play.

My personal archetype goddess (being a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon) Persephone, Maiden of Spring, who loved to spend her time in fields of flowers communing with the plants and Fae folk, was promised to Hades, God of the Underworld by Zeus. While I'm sure she was not pleased about this union, but the real power in this myth is that Persephone may have felt fear, but she was not afraid. Persephone became Goddess of the Underworld as well as Goddess of Spring. She took Hades 6 pomegranate seeds and made pomegranate juice, if you will. For 6 months, she was allowed to return to the Overworld, where spring & summer blossomed, and for 6 months, she was to return to the Underworld, where the plants made their descent with her creating fall & winter.

Samhain began the Persephone's descent, and as all life is connected, we descend with her into the Underworld. The world of our shadows.

How this manifests in the physical, is the tearing down of systems, death to what no longer serves, in our lives, in society, all around us. These last few years have been deeply destructive to society's systems, as well as our own mindsets on how we want things to be.

What kind of world we want to live in.

Rome wasn't built in a day, neither as our society. And like ancient Rome, our society wasn't built on strong foundations, we were just figuring it out. So, what we have, how we live, is not working for most people. And the universe has spoken. That is why it is being torn down. It is time to create a new world. And with it will come lasting change. I can feel it in my bones. So many of us are waking up to our soul purposes so we can usher in this new world.

What is important now, is vision.

The last Full Moon in Libra and Aries was about rebirthing, being forged from the fire and reborn from the ashes. Now, Scorpio and Taurus are asking us, what kind of world do we want to live in? Through this rebirth, from those ashes, what do we want to see built?

What do you want children to learn in schools?

How do you want all races, cultures, genders, to live with each other?

What do you want your cities and towns to look like? To feel like?

What method of currency would you use?

If you sat on the throne as King or Queen, how would you rule?

What would your kingdom look like?

How would justice be served?

Journey with me to this new world, to the place where you are the Divine Ruler. And see what you create.

The more of us that envision what we want this world to look like, and hold this vision, the bigger chance we have to make it a reality. But first, we have to be clear on what it is we want, what it is we believe in.

And most importantly, what part we want to play in it.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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