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Root Chakra & Meditation

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Sound: Lam

Body Placement: Base of Spine

Mantra: I Am Safe in my Body

The Root Chakra is our inner place of safety.

It is our foundation, our roots, our connection to Mother Earth.

This is the space where we come home to ourselves.

The Root Chakra holds ancient wisdom from deep within our soul, and our body. The Root Chakra IS our body, and our connection to it.

Signs of imbalance can include:

Not feeling safe, anxiety

Lower back pain

Lower digestive/liver dis-ease

Lack mentality

Signs of balance include:

Taking care of yourself

Prioritizing your needs

Listening to your body

Surrender, trust & faith in your own abilities

Feeling safe in your body

The Root Chakra holds our earliest memories. It is the home of our inner child and the seat of our subconscious, as all energy centers are, but this one in particular, is our inner archives.

It's where we store everything that has been processed and unprocessed.

It is our spiritual basement, if you will.

When working with healing the root chakra, you're going to have to roll your sleeves up, and get comfortable being a bit uncomfortable, because depending on your relationship with yourself, and the amount of trauma you've lived through, there can be a lot.

Some of it, is just sorting & organizing, reminiscing & nostalgia live here, then some of it is opening a box with a lock on it realizing what lives within requires revisiting painful memories.

The only way to heal is to feel.

And then, accept.

The is the teaching of the Root Chakra.

To visit this place, is to do the deepest healing you have experienced yet, because you are digging through all of what is making you feel unsafe.

You are noticing what has made your foundation shaky, and removing it & replacing with something stronger: Self Acceptance.

Once you've brought this to awareness, you can throw it in the burn pile or choose to put it on the shelf like a trophy of what you've overcome, the choice is yours.

You didn't come here to live in a shack, you came here to build an empire of gold, dear one.

But remember, Rome wasn't built in a day. You don't need to spend a year in this basement, putting all of your time into sorting through every single little thing. That will happen naturally.

What is important is giving yourself time, space, & compassion as you work in this space.

This is NOT easy work, but it is the most worthwhile thing you can do for yourself.

Because, as you know, when you clean up the basement for the first time, it never gets that same level of messy again.


Because everything has space to breathe.

YOU have space to breathe.

I've recorded a meditation for you to take those first steps into your Root Chakra. This is an easy, simple guided practice that you can return to whenever you wish. This practice will teach you to listen to your body, and feel its sensations without fear.

Remember, you are braver than you realize.

You deserve inner peace.

You are so held, and so loved.

Be gentle with yourself.


Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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