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Queen of Faeries: Elder.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

The elder tree is a beautiful plant with so much folklore surrounding it. Wands were often fashioned from this tree, and known to be among the most powerful. (JK Rowling did her research)

Elder is the tree of wisdom, the queen of the fae, the protector. Elder is often found in the center of the garden, as it will protect those around it. This is why the fae are so drawn to this tree. The fae are the protectors of the plants, while elder is the protector of the garden, therefore, the fae.

Elderflowers are small white cluster flowers that grow in umbels. They look like little faerie umbrellas that reach high up to the sky. These flowers connect to the north direction, the direction of wisdom, and the crown chakra, our connection to all that is above.

Elder flower connects us to our ancestors, those who came before us. She provides us with the wisdom that has long been forgotten within us, and within our families. Elder reminds us of the importance of family, our soul tribe, whatever that may look like, for deep wisdom is passed down through generations.

Elder also helps us to release anything that no longer serves us. So often we hold onto grief, shame, guilt, feelings of worthlessness. Elder connects us with our breath, our strongest form of cleansing, and allows us to release what is not in our best interest through our breath and our body, leaving us open to brighter possibilities.

Elder is an ancient herbal remedy associated with the immune & respiratory systems. Elder flower is astringent and diaphoretic, meaning it soaks up excess mucous in the body, cools it down, and helps us sweat out excess heat. For this reason, elder flowers have long been used as remedies for seasonal allergies as well as colds & flu.

When the flowers turn into berries, (which should never be eaten raw due to a chemical that can cause stomach upset) they are a delicious way to receive even more potent medicine. Elder berries can be made into jams, pies, and the most common way to use elderberry is syrup. Studies show that when taken in high doses, elderberry syrup can shorten a cold up to 50% if taken at the onset of symptoms. It helps to strengthen our immune response and break a fever. Consuming elder during colder months helps our bodies adapt to viruses and pathogens so we can fight them more easily, and get sick less.

How have you connected with this beautiful tree? I'd love to hear your experiences, nothing is too big or small, here :)

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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