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New Moon in Pisces & A Prayer for Ukraine.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A few months ago, I channeled the message that Earth is a healing planet. Not only that Gaia herself needs healing, because, she so, so needs it. But, that Earth is a planet for healing. We come here to heal ourselves, we come here to heal each other, and it is this healing that causes a ripple effect of healing light that shines on all we touch. It is no coincidence that right now, so many of us are going through awakening journeys, healing our inner child, ancestral patterns, unlearning old outdated ways of being and thinking. Out Mother needs us, not only for herself, but for the good of the collective. We are at a pivotal time where we are noticing the fall of what no longer serves, and we are fighting back against injustice, standing up for what we believe, because we are ready for something new. This takes time, courage, but most of all, numbers.

This is why so many healers are waking up, because we are needed at this time.

This New Moon symbolizes the end of the astrological year. And ending, bringing with it a new beginning when we move into Aries season next month, fueled by fire!

The New Moon is the time to plant seeds, to begin projects, as the moon begins waxing (growing) between the dark & full moon, giving us the energy & momentum we need to make things happen.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, symbolizing duality, the 2 fish, the yin & yang, the darkness that seeds the light, and the light that illuminates what is hiding in the darkness. Watery Pisces is the mystic, the intuitive empath, the conduit of earth, land & sky, for the veil is thinnest during this time.

Wherever Pisces lives in your own birth chart symbolizes where you have this beautiful gift of sensitivity.

The light side of Pisces is a vivid dream state, looking at the world with the ability to see beauty through the pain, light in the darkness. Sometimes, however, this can turn into a lovely pair of rose-colored glasses, the beauty that hides truth. Pisces is so sensitive, they are prone to escapist tendencies when it all seems too much. This is why, for Pisces, meditation & self care are of utmost importance.

It is through returning to the temple of the body, spending time with the soul, that we find the courage to face the world and all it throws at us, with grace.

With everything going on in the world right now, so many of us don't know how to feel, or are feeling too much. So many shadows are coming out of the darkness, and so many of us are experiencing ancestral trauma. Being 100% Polish myself, I feel the trauma my ancestors had endured writhing in my bones. I have had many visions of what they have gone through, and many dreams bringing to light the fear that lives in my own lineage. That is why it is so important at this moment in time, to give yourself grace. To be gentle with yourself.

Most cultures on this planet know war. It lives in our ancestry, it lives in our bones. The fear you are feeling right now, it runs deep. Some of it is not yours, it has been handed down to you. The only way out, is through.

The key to that door leading out, is forgiveness.

It is through forgiving our ancestors for the fear bred into us, because they had no other choice. Forgiving those who act in fear, thinking power is something that is attained by destruction and can be held onto with force. Forgiving those who may e acting out of alignment due to fear of losing everything.

Now is not the time to lay blame, now is the time to send love, to send peace, and to nourish our own selves in our own journeys, so our cups may be full. When we are full of our own nourishment, we are better able to help those in need. Some of us are being called to step up in big ways, others are being called to rest. Nothing you do right now, is wrong.

Give yourself permission to take care of yourself.

I offer you, on this beautiful New Moon of endings & beginnings, a guided meditation to allow yourself to fill up with light. Send it first to yourself. Then, send it to those who need it. Then, send it to the entire world.

Be the love you wish to see in the world.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


Written & recorded at 11:11 on the eve of the New Moon in Pisces.

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