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Libra New Moon: What If?

A question we so often do not allow ourselves to answer.

With the new moon in Libra today, the energy all around is all about balance. How do we stay steady between the ebbs and flows of life, how do we find harmony, how do we return to a steady and grounded place? With 6 planets currently in retrograde as well, we are called to journey back, to the times and places within ourselves we have felt imbalanced. How can we dig deeper for those lessons, and how they can be useful in the present?

The answer to those all of these questions lays in the core essence of Libra: the In Between.

What if, we stopped focusing so much on the polarity of our lives, and allowed a moment of stillness to reevaluate where we’re at?

What if, we made space within ourselves, and didn’t try to fill it with anything, just left it open?

What if, we let go of the constructs and stories that make up who we tell ourselves we are? Who would we be then?

What if, to emerge, we first have to sink in?

What if, the key to balance is in presence?

The What Ifs are the most important questions we can ask ourselves, to get to know who we are. Its because, though they seem simple, they are the most terrifying questions to ask ourselves. Because it means letting go of our comfort, through the stories we tell ourselves to build the armor of the ego-self, that keeps us safe.

What if, you forgave the person who hurt you?

What if, you didn’t go on a run today?

What if, you ate some chicken soup because it felt right, even though you’re a vegetarian?

What if, you quit the job you hate?

What if you left the toxic relationship?

So often we don’t answer these questions, because we don’t want to face the answers: our truth. Because if we did, we’d be forced to make changes. Once you face your truth, you can’t hide from it, and its nearly impossible to ignore it.

So we tell ourselves we aren’t ready.

And thus continues the cycle of imbalance.

What if, you allowed yourself to explore the possibilities?

What if, you started small? Like changing up your routine. What would that look like, feel like?

What if, you allowed yourself to look at your life through the eyes of an observer? Someone who loves you? What would you notice?

Today is a powerful day to set your intentions for what you wish to release, and what seeds you want to plant for the coming month.

Focus on the In Between.

What can you create space for?

What magic can you find in the becoming, among the creating or destroying?

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, so be gentle with yourself as you explore all of these possibilities, and meet every discomfort & darkness with love.

That's all it wants, anyway.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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