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Happiness is a Butterfly.

Cacao is such special medicine.

She is so kind and gentle, yet, with love, she rips you completely open, exposing all of your dark, painful, uncomfortable parts. She gifts you softness and grace to work

through it, holding your hand so you know you are not alone, you are held and loved, like the beautiful mother she is.

You don't realize how much grief you hold in your heart until you are face to face with letting it go. You hold on to it for dear life because this is all you know. But you know deep down, holding onto it is so much more painful then letting it go. For once it is gone, you are free, to spread your wings and fly.

But what does that even look like?

The comfort zone is never actually that comfortable. Yet, to most of us, the unknown is full of even more fear.

What if, crossing that bridge into the unknown led you to more happiness you could ever imagine?

Fear keeps doors closed. Comfort zones are the death of growth.

What if we could surrender to the unknown, let go of our fears and just say, "FUCK IT!"

Take that leap of faith we've been daydreaming of for years?

When we are brave, the universe will not allow us to fail, it conspires with us. We will be supported Every. Single. Time.

Following true love and burning passion will never lead you astray. The worst that can happen is that you learn a lesson. And yes, it may hurt, but you will become better for it in the end.

We are here to learn, heal and love.

As we evolve, our wings become painted with color, growing strong enough to carry us through whatever phase we are in.

What phase of life are you in right now?

What would happen if you stepped out of the matrix and followed your passion?

If you knew you were 100% supported, and could not fail, what would you do?

What is stopping you now?

These are the questions I ask myself in cacao ceremony and meditation before making life-altering decisions. And let me tell you, I have never failed, only learned, but I have never been led astray.

Love, light & faerie wishes,


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