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Full Moon in Virgo: Your Moon Sign, Nourishment & Guided Meditation.

The last full moon of the astrological year:

The End and The Beginning

This full moon symbolizes the end of the astrological new year. Pisces being the oldest sign in the zodiac, is sometimes referred to as the wise sage. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’re likely familiar with the characteristics of zodiac signs, but if not, welcome, and it is my honor to teach you!

*Remember, you are more than just your sun sign, you have an entire birth chart that acts as your soul blueprint. So, while you may have your sun in Aries, you may have 3 planets in Libra, giving your fiery nature more balance, or a water moon, softening your edges and giving you a strong intuition, so this is very important info to know, if you don’t feel as though you really resonate with your sun sign!

Where the moon lands in the sky, and in your chart is very important, because the moon represents our intuition, connection to spirit, past lives, and emotional nature. You enter this world as your moon sign, and many people resonate with their moon more than their sun, especially before going through spiritual awakenings. The moon holds your shadow aspects, and where it lives in your chart gives an insight to that.

Since the beginning of time, the moon has been worshipped. She has been called by many names, Luna, Selene, Artemis, Hecate, Isis, Kali, to name a few. Every Goddess of creation and destruction has been connected to the moon, because the moon carries with it the archetype of the Mother. She is connected to the water, the ocean and the womb, the sacral chakra. The moon is a feminine archetype, one that heals and reveals.

We are spiritual beings living in a material world, which is why the moon effects us as it does. The sign and placement of the moon in the sky deeply effect our emotions, which is why we feel different on a day to day basis. No two days are the same, because the energy is constantly changing in the cosmos. This is important to know, because oftentimes we resist these changes, and want to stay the same, clinging onto easier feelings because we fear the hard ones. But the lesson of the moon and of its shadow is to surrender, lovely Luna brings light to what needs to be healed within us so we can live our more vibrant lives. Attuning to her cycles, helps us to live more in tune with nature, able to ebb and flow like the ocean. The Full moon is a time to finish projects, when we feel most powerful to take that last bit of action before she wanes again, giving us time to rest before the Dark moon, a time to renew and manifest what we wish to begin with the waxing moon.

When our dear Luna is full, the Sun and Moon are in polar opposite signs, meaning the energy is polarized. In her fullness, we are invited to grow and expand. This polarization of energy can feel uncomfortable, if not properly integrated, which is where the term “lunatic” comes from, and why it seems “all the weirdos come out” under the full moon. When she is in her Dark phase, the Sun and Moon are in the same sign, offering a more balanced, yet potent energy that is more specific to its archetypes. The Dark moon welcomes the new season, bringing with it an element and energy. For example, the last Dark moon, 2 weeks ago, was in Pisces. Pisces is ruled by the water element, and is a mutable sign (meaning its energy is more easygoing). This moon was dreamy, light, and emotional. I noticed people expressing their vivid dreams, how they felt light & easy, like there was a healthy flow, and the pressure came off, so they could just feel whatever they needed to feel, without judgment, and an element of grace.

This Full moon carries with it that dreamy, graceful energy of Pisces, but with it, comes its polarity of Virgo, a mutable earth sign. So, let’s get into what this all means, why it matters, and how to work with this energy.

Pisces is a very special sign, because it carries all of the energy of every sign before it, making it this sign a well of wisdom. Pisces is the archetype of Wise Sage or Wizard because of this. Pisces is the 2 fish, yin & yang, the duality of creation & destruction, calling for complete surrender. There is no veil between worlds for Pisces, Pisces is the veil. In its light, Pisces floats through life on a cloud, deeply surrendered, watching life happen all around, connected to the peace within, able to work with the magic that runs through its veins. In its shadow, Pisces feels so deeply that it can be overwhelming, and wants to escape reality because it is just too much. (For more on Pisces, check out my last email or blog post!)

Virgo, its polar opposite, is represented by the Maiden archetype, the virgin, sweet and graceful, and a little naïve. Virgo is all that is delicate and pure in this world, so full of kindness and compassion for all living beings. In its light, Virgo is loving, open, and wants to roll around in the fields of flowers, sprinkling her magic on the universe so she can watch it grow and appreciate its sweetness. In her shadow, however, Virgo feels the need to control, to micromanage, and to obsessively organize. Sometimes Virgo can become rigid, due to its inability to accept that there is more than one way to do things, and it may not be their way.

This need for control comes from a place of feeling unsafe, similar to Pisces, but in the same way Pisces escapes, Virgo controls.

To work with the energy of this moon, is to surrender. To have faith, and complete trust in the universe and your own self, that you are safe, you are supported, you are loved, and you are guided. To give yourself grace.

Sometimes, surrender is the most difficult thing you can do. It can feel like complete and utter defeat, like you’re raising the white flag, after you’ve fought your absolute hardest. You are exhausted, bruised, scarred, and maybe a little bloody. You’ve been the warrior for so long, running away from what hurts the most, or fighting battles that seem neverending.

We resist surrender because we are afraid to fail, afraid to give up.

But, I offer you the perspective that to surrender is not to give up, or give in, but to surrender is to trust.

To surrender is to say to the universe, “I’ve done all I can, and I am tired. I allow you to step in, and trust that you will take me where I need to go.”

This guided meditation journey is intended to help you surrender more, using an easy breathing technique, combining the elements of water & earth, teaching you to move past and dissolve what blocks & binds you, so you can effortlessly float through life with complete trust.

It is my intention that through this practice, that you are able to deeply surrender, offer yourself grace & compassion, and move into this new phase of your life with hope.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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