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Creation & Destruction.

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

For every light, there is always a dark, and the merging of the two, is where the full lessons lay.

For every universe that is born of chaos, every world that begins and ends in fire, and every life that is living on borrowed time, within every bit of creation, lays a bit of destruction.

And that destruction is what we fear the most.

We don't let ourselves go there for fear that if we do, we will stay.

We are afraid that we will not come out of the darkness if we allow it to swallow us whole and take what it wants.

We forget that within every black sky is a sparkling north star, a beacon of light to guide us home, even when we cannot see it.

That light is our anchor back to ourselves in the midst of the darkest night.

To fully become, we must first be fully undone.

We must self destruct and rise from our own ashes, like the sacred Phoenix.

One of my favorite Goddesses, Kali Ma, Hindu goddess of death, destruction, healing, inspiration, and creation, rides on the back of a tiger with skulls around her neck like an amulet, serpentine tongue out, power surging around her. She is not afraid, of knowing her power can destroy men & worlds, because she knows that same power can create new ones as well. And that in itself is more powerful then anything.

Take a look at what is going on in our world. If you live here in the US, then you are among the lucky ones, considering you most likely do not live in survival mode like those in under-privelaged countries do, war and death and famine raging, even the worst of places in this country cannot compare to others that do not have the resources we see as the bare minimum.

But there is another war that is waging around the world right now, and it is fully spiritual.

And the tyrant is fear.

Fear of death,

fear of destruction.

Everything we know is being challenged, worn out systems are self destructing, and we have an opportunity to create something new.

But we are so consumed by our fear of death, that we are not willing to fight for what could be.

The universe bends for the brave, for the dreamers that believe, for the risk takers. The universe does not bend for the weak & fearful.

Like attracts like, fear attracts more fear, courage & trust attract more good, even when things self destruct, because deep down, we know they can be rebuilt even better.

What in your life is self destructing right now?

What within you is self destructing?

Can you lean into the destruction, and trust that the creation will be beyond your wildest dreams?

How are you being called to surrender?

How are you being called to rebuild a new world,

the kind meant for dreamers and lovers and free thinkers?

This is a pivotal time, different then anything we have faced in history. And we are being called to show up. And for most of us, there is deep work to be done, deep healing to take place so we can show up in full power, unable to be broken by fear.

The world needs you, starseed.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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