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Cancer Full Moon Meditation: Purification & Initiation.

This is such a special day, because it is the first full moon of the year!

This moon brings with it so much potential for abundance & growth, using the energies of Capricorn & Cancer.

Capricorn is the Divine Father archetype. He is relentless in going after what he wants, and will put in the work to get there. Capricorn is the Boss B*tch, the go getter, the CEO. The one that can do it all and cut through BS like no other.

Capricorn has vision & guts aplenty, and knows how to stay grounded through the process. Capricorn is the epitome of inspired action to cultivate stability and lasting abundance.

Cancer is the Divine Mother archetype. She is fluid, she holds, loves, supports, and is the energy of creation. She births new projects & ideas into the world with care and grace. She dares to dream, and knows that through allowing herself to feel it, she will make it happen.

The energy of these 2 cardinal signs is water & earth, birthing new ideas through inspired action.

Making your wildest dreams your reality.

Holding you steady while you dive in. Using your body as a vessel for the divine to work through, and surrendering it all to the universe once you have given it your all.

Get comfy, carve out a good 45 minutes for this practice. I suggest if you are new to this practice, or even if you aren't, laying down for this guided meditation, and using some headphones to stay in the space. Allow yourself to go there. To dream big, to let go of what isn't serving, and to go to your depths, where the big magic lives.

Enjoy, my friends!<3

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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