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Aries New Moon: Back to the Beginning

Today, we welcome Aries season in full swing with the New Moon.

The New (or Dark) Moon, is a time to finish up projects, plant seeds (literally and figuratively) and go within, see what is no longer serving, and let it go, back into the earth to fertilize the soil so what is new can grow. It is a time of rebirth, a time to spend a moment in the womb of the Mother, to feel held, loved, and nourished.

Aries is a fire sign, ruled by Mars. In traditional mythology, Ares is the God of War, and this is the archetype we are working with this season.

If you've been feeling restless lately, if you've got some extra energy, or if you're noticing people in your community are a bit more fired up than usual, this is the energy Aries season brings.

This is a potent time of renewal. Allowing the fire to burn away that which is not serving, so we can be reborn from the ashes, brand new. As spring makes its debut, so do we, emerging into the world little by little, out of our homes, and out into our communities, into nature.

Aries is the archetype of the Divine Masculine: the warrior & protector.

How is your inner warrior showing up for you?

Are you ready to run into battle full force, or are you able to lay down your weapons and hold space for yourself & others.

The Divine Masculine is both.

This archetype reminds us that there is a time to do, and a time to be. If we do not make time for both, we will fall out of balance.

While our ego is trained to fight, always to protect what is most tender within us, what would happen if he laid down his sword and surrendered to love instead?

What if the God of War could be a Warrior of Light?

What would happen if we invited more compassion into our hearts for ourselves, therefore, for others?

A message I received in my morning meditation was this: "Trust the goodness in your own heart, and it will always be reflected back to you."

We are all just mirrors to one another, and what we believe is what we will receive.

So, I invite you to explore all the ways you are fighting, and if you can invite more love, trust, and compassion into those places, to truly become a Warrior of the Light.

My deepest journey began 5 years ago, and the first step I took toward my own healing was meditation. It was not easy to begin. I resisted it, but I showed up. I didn't know what I was supposed to be doing, but I found a podcast of guided meditations I resonated with, and committed to a 10 minute practice every single day before I got out of bed. Now, it is second nature, and my body craves meditation. I guide myself through meditations if I need to, but I always return to basics when I am feeling resistance. Now, I share guided meditations with you, because it is not a coincidence that you have been led here, to me. I am honored to be your teacher, and to still be a humble student of this practice.

I want to be very clear, that resistance is part of the practice.

If you feel as though meditation is not your thing because you can't turn your brain off, that is part of the practice. I stress the word practice, because that's what it is. Every day, you wake up feeling different then the day before.

Every day, your practice is going to look different.

Some days, your brain is spinning in a whirlwind of thoughts, other days, you feel complete stillness & bliss.

Some people, with practice, can astral project into other dimensions (This is something that turns many people off from meditation. If this sounds terrifying, don't worry, you will never go somewhere you do not want to go. Everything in this life carries with it free will, and choice. YOU get to choose. Spirit will never take you places you are not meant to go in this lifetime.)

What matters is not perfection, or expectation, what matters is that you show up.

By showing up, you are telling your mind, body, and spirit, that you care enough to find out who you really are. That for a moment, you can take off the armor, the mask, who you show to the world, and just be. That for just a moment, you are allowing all of you to be seen, for yourself, by yourself.

Meditation is a radical act of self love.

Meditation, no matter how long you do it, has no destination, it is always a journey.

There is always another layer to uncover, always another new pathway.

The gift is inner peace.

Meditation has helped me to:

Show up for myself

Accept myself in every moment

Love myself deeply

Feel safe enough to go deeper & deeper into healing

Listen to my body

Take a deep breath in the midst of stressful situations

Increase focus

Notice my thoughts, rather then control them

Release expectations and attachments

Connect to a higher power

The list goes on.

So, whether you are a seasoned meditator, or have never tried, I invite you to listen to this guided meditation, that is back to the basics. With all of the fire swirling through us right now under this new moon, inviting in grounded peace brings us back to center. Nothing complicated, just a mindful moment to go deeper. A moment to connect to your breath and body in a softer way. A moment just for you.

Give yourself the gift of serenity, from time to time, and see what happens!

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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