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Aries Full Moon: Forged From Fire.

With the influence of the full moon in Aries upon us, under the Sun sign of Libra, big energy is coming through as the Celtic year comes to an end on Samhain (pronounched SOW-in, traditionally celebrated on the full moon in October, or on Oct 31).

This full moon is all about rebirth, tuning into the needs of the inner self so they can manifest into spreading light into your community.

Aries rules the head & the self, all of our lessons, forged in fire, fueled by passion. Libra rules the & social aspects, constantly trying to maintain balance in all areas of life.

How are you being called to balance your personal needs as well as your social needs?

Does one need more attention then the other right now?

What connection can you find between deep personal transformation and deep community healing?

How can you be the bridge?

The full moon is a time for illumination & manifestation.

What lurks in our depths is pulled out into the light, and is calling for our attention.

This full moon in Aries is asking us, what are we so afraid of losing? And what can we gain from the loss of what is no longer serving?

From my own experience both as a healing human, and as a healer, I find that the answer to this question is the same across the board: we are afraid of losing ourselves. Even those of us with the strongest sense of self have written stories about who we are.

When you answer the question “Who Are You,” what is your answer?

When you strip away your career, role in your family, and things that you enjoy doing, what is left?

When you are stripped down to your core, what remains?

Many of us are afraid to find out. We are terrified that if we jump into the fire, everything we are will be burned away.

But, let me remind you, who you are, at soul level, is loving awareness. Who you are, in your truth, can never be taken from you. You will always be you. Your essence does not change.

What burns away is all that is NOT you, all that is not serving you, all that keeps you small. Still, it can be frightening to enter that place, because without all that holds you back, who would you be?

If you are not ready to face the fire and take the leap, it’s okay.

Everyone has their time to die and be reborn, we do it subtly all the time, the larger transitions are the ones we most often remember.

Meditate on these questions, journal on it, and see what comes up. You may be more ready then you think.

And if you are ready to jump into the sacred fires of Mother Earth and be reborn from your ashes, join me, in this full moon meditation.

Set a sacred space, this is a great time to take your Flower Essence Formula (Light Warrior & Shaman work great here), light a candle (I love Embers for this, Forcefield is a great option too!), grab a blanket & get cozy.

You are always transforming, in this moment, I am honored to be your guide.

Activation Message: Ashes to Ashes, I Will Rise.

Light, Love & Faerie Wishes,


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