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About Us

About Me

Queen of Faeries

Welcome to The Faerie Glen. My name is Ilona Luma, and I am so happy you are here!

I believe our names are an incredible part of our journeys. In Hungarian folklore, Ilona was the Queen of the Flower Faeries. She embodied strength, light, joy, and an affinity to flowers, able to harness their healing powers. I have always resonated with that tale, finding inspiration in the magic of the natural world around me. It has always been my dream to play a part in creating a better world, where everyone can see their true power, feel safe in their bodies, and use their own unique gifts. Because of that dream, I found myself engulfed in the art of spiritual healing.

I found my passion for healing early on, embarking on a journey to heal from my own difficult past, learning how to make friends with my shadows (unexpressed emotions), rather then fighting or escaping them. From that journey, I learned earth-based rituals and somatic practices, and as I began healing, I began creating my products.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

While I have studied with many incredible teachers from a variety of traditions from First Nations, to Traditional Chinese Medicine, to Tao, my greatest teachers were, and continue to be, the plants themselves.

My connection with the living natural world is the leading force of my creations and offerings.

I believe wholeheartedly in the enchanting healing power of nature.

We came to this Earth with all we need, and it is my intention to offer a consistent reminder of that, whether through a healing session or botanical product. No matter what you bring in with you, I will make sure you feel safe, held, and full of resources so you can learn to rely on yourself and find your voice, the voice of your soul.

The Mission

The mission of The Faerie Glen is to provide a safe, warm, accessible space for all, inviting you to come as you are, perfectly imperfect, allowing the medicine to find you. There are many doorways into your soul, and what calls to you may not call to someone else. I am a spiritual healer working under the lens of a certified herbalist, flower essence practitioner and embodiment guide with background in the chakra system, holistic nutrition and psychology. I use these modalities with ancient methods such as astrology, breathwork & moving meditation to weave in self care rituals that with work for YOU, activating lost parts of you to come home, within the container of a healing session and through intentional products.

I believe every soul and every body is completely unique, and that you should be treated as the incredible individual that you are throughout your healing journey. Together, we curate practices and medicine that are entirely yours.

Living in harmony with the Earth, respecting the traditions of those who came before us, and re-introducing herbal remedies and self-care practices as an integral and supportive part of everyday life is at the forefront of The Faerie Glen's Mission.


The Products

Each product I create is formulated with the intention of deeper connection with nature & the soul self.

At one point, all products have been the medicine I have needed in my own healing journey, and if they made it into the line-up, it is because I felt I wasn't the only one that could benefit from that medicine!

No two products are exactly alike, they each have their own unique vibrational imprint, just like the plants that make them up! I sustainably & ethically wildcraft or grow the herbs I use in my formulas, or work with local organic farmers to form a close relationship with the ingredients, understanding that plants are generous, sentient beings that deserve love and care just as humans do.

All packaging is as eco-friendly as possible, and reusable!

These products are intended to be used as everyday tools and doorways for vibrant physical health & emotional well-being, whether it be a botanical body oil that gets swapped out for a drugstore moisturizer, an aromatherapy candle that sets the mood for whatever task you're

embarking on, or a flower essence blend that helps with daily emotional imbalances.

Every product is made in a seasonal micro-batch, and not all products stick around in my general line-up, so if you see something you're called to, I invite you to purchase it sooner than later, because it may not be made again in the future.

These are products with spirit, that are teachers in their own right, connecting you with the magic that already lives within you, and the exact healing you need, to live life in ceremony.

Each product I create is an invitation to return to love, through whichever doorway it is that you choose.

True power lays in awakening the natural healing forces within the body & spirit,

activating one conscious force of nature.



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Embodied Healing

Embodied Healing Session (Intake)

90 Minutes: $244

A personalized healing session that helps you to identify your current season in life, any imbalances showing up, and how vibrational/herbal medicine can support your healing journey incorporating moving meditation and breathwork to help the body speak.

Receive a custom blended flower essence blend, herbal/food based recommendations and practices to integrate your big 'Aha!' moments!

Includes 1oz Custom Flower Essence Formula

*Flower essences are vibrational plant medicine taken orally for an 8 week period. Flower essences contain no physical plant matter and are safe for all. They are tools for emotional healing and personal growth. To learn more, click here.*

Embodied Healing Session (Follow-Up)

 60 Minutes: $188

A session to explore the current season of you life through moving meditation aka somatic healing, inviting you into sacred space where you can unload and learn practices to help ground you into your body & the present moment. Each session intends to help regulate your nervous system, building your capacity to handle life's many daily stresses!

Recommended bi-monthly sessions for 4-6 months.

To Request An Appointment for Any Service, Click Here.

Monthly Full Moon Circles
60 Minutes: Live & Donation Based $1-33

Join me under the light of a full moon where we explore the energy of the current season, connect with one another, and enjoy a channeled guided meditation.

Recordings will be posted the next day, and can be used at any time.

Next Circle: TBA

Botanical Medicine Products

Current Market Schedule:

The Faerie Glen is in hibernation until April 2023!


Online ordering always available here .


Please email for large and/or custom orders, or to carry my products in your retail store click here!


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Contact Me

Ilona Bartnicki


instagram. @thefaerieglen

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"I was so excited when I found out that Ilona was offering coaching! I knew I had to invest right away. She has proven herself to be a wealth of knowledge - both through intense studies and her honest, deep soul. The flower essences she sent to me were the perfect blend that I needed in order to help me get out of my own way, and love myself through it. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help. I am forever grateful for her, and will continue to invest with her as I up-level in my life. If you’re on the fence, this is your sign. She is someone you need in your life!"

- Jessie D.

"Ilona is an incredibly special soul. Her ability to hold loving space with an open heart is unmatched. Love shines out of everything she does. She is wise beyond her years, and has helped me love and listen to my body again, re-evaluate my relationship with food, and how I show up in relationship with others. She has taught me so many powerful practices that I use daily. I am so grateful to her, most of all, for listening to me while I solve my own problems, and teaching me to breathe. What a gift!"

- Beth B.

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